The Mall Exterior Lighting

Client Name: The Mall Partnership Project Year: 2014 Project Duration: 1 Month Project Value: £20,000 Project Type: Lighting

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Project Description

The project brief from the Centre Manager, Mark Broadhead, was to improve the lighting and general appearance of the 1960’s concrete monolith spiral Car Park entrance. The spiral was due to be painted to assist with its overall appearance and subsequently Instalec have added neon LED strip and with the addition of 3 No metal halide floodlight fittings to improve the underside of car park ramp, exit roadway and the rear elevation. Initially we created a computer generated impression of the installed lighting as it would appear for the submission of the planning permission. Once the permission was granted we were permitted three clear days to work around the spiral as the car park had to be closed and appropriate barriers and signage fitted to allow free access to the area. It was particularly challenging to access the spiral structure to fix the LED lighting and two diesel boom lifts were hired to allow this and all necessary wiring and conduit work to be accessed. The work was completed and the improvements have been dramatic, enhancing the structure, making the area safer and creating a focal point from John Street, Silver Street and Cheapside. The installation is very cost effective as the LED only consumes 5.3W per metre with the total running cost of 30p per night based upon an average of 3hrs a day. The lighting is controlled with a photo electric cell which activates at dusk and a digital time-clock that is set to extinguish new installations at 11pm.