Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church

Client Name: Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church Project Year: 2016 Project Duration: 4 Weeks Project Value: £51,000 Project Type: Interior Church Lighting
Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church

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Project Description

Sutton Coldfield Baptist Church was founded in 1908 and has over 100 years of ministry in Sutton Coldfield. The church moved from its former building (now McDonalds) to our current site on Trinity Hill, where an active programme of activities and events is hosted in addition to our weekly services, which are open to all. From 1977 to 1999 saw the Church experience remarkable and dramatic growth, resulting in the outgrowing of the Church premises and the relocation to and renovation of the Old Town Junior School in 1985.

The lighting within the church was originally via globe pendant fixtures that look outdated and provided a poor level of illumination to the main body of the church. These were supplemented by tungsten floodlight fittings and some reflector lamps as well as a rig supporting a n array of tungsten DMX controlled stage light fittings. These have subsequently been removed in their entirety and new ‘House’ lighting installed accompanied by several new LED linear and Stage DMX controlled light fixtures. The Mode Lighting eDin system has been integrated with a ColourStyle DMX controller to allow full colour control to stage and wings roof up-lighting that offers every variation possible for any service and event. The scene setting buttons can be set to operate all white and coloured lighting with the flexibility of a DMX control desk that can be plugged into the system for instantaneous control of the new installations.

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