Harry Major Machine UK

Client Name: Harry Major Machine UK Ltd Project Year: 2014 Project Duration: - Project Value: - Project Type: Lighting

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Project Description

The project brief was to overhaul the existing Internal Warehouse Lighting to improve lux levels from 250 lux to above 500 lux on average.

It was necessary to disconnect and remove existing in-effective switch start units and design and install a new low energy fluorescent low bay scheme with 73W T5 lamps. This was accomplished
using less light fittings than existing and providing a saving of 40% energy over the existing installation.

The project was funded using the Carbon Cut Out programme grant scheme.

We are pleased to say that, following completion, the Site Team received positive feedback and have subsequently updated the Emergency Lighting, Fire Alarm and continue to maintain the electrical installation.


"Instalec are a knowledgeable Company, Management and Installation Team go out of their way to understand your needs and do their utmost to accommodate your requirements, understanding that we still had deadlines to meet deadlines and ensured they were not disrupted, completing in target.”

By - Sian Pritchard, Adm. Manager, HMM-UK Ltd