Thermal Imaging Services Made Simple

Unbeatable Advantage

Its primary unbeatable advantage is that thermal imaging survey involves no contact with the equipment, allowing uninterrupted business as usual. So no need for out of hours presence, or worse, closing the premises for testing – we are committed to providing you with discreet services.

Fastest and Safest

Thermal imaging is the fastest and safest way to test all your electrical installations, including switchgear, fuse and bus bar connections, which are most prone to loose terminations, load imbalances and corrosion from resistance heating. Thermal imaging is the best way to avoiding problems, identifying potential areas for improvement and suggesting remedial action before a breakdown occurs.

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Regular Monitoring

Instalec electrical contractors offer regular monitoring with thermal imaging, that will save drastically the loss of production due to possible faults in equipment. Instalec’s electrical services also include mechanical system monitoring of hydraulic components, motor bearings, gears and belts. Thermal imaging works in a simple sophisticated way: loose components, imbalance, misalignment, wear and slippage can all be detected due to heat imbalance that these faults produce. Unattended, these imbalances can lead to catastrophic failure of your appliances.

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This popular electrical service provides clear, pixelated colour images, that can be captured and downloaded for manipulation off line and displayed with digital photographs for easy identification of faulty or potentially problematic components. Instalec, the Luton based experts of thermal imaging, are committed to save you money in advance: our clear findings are presented in the form of a bound report and include our honest recommendations for any necessary remedial action. So go on and give us a try!

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