Electrical Testing And Inspection - The Essential

Electrical Testing & Inspection

Licensing authorities, public bodies, insurance companies and others may require periodic inspection and testing of electrical installations, done by a professional electrician. Additionally, electrical Testing and Inspection should be considered:

  • To assess your electrical installation’s compliance with BS 7671.
  • On a change of ownership or tenancy of the premises.
  • On a change of use of the premises (such as 17th edition testing and inspection).
  • After alterations or additions to the original electrical installation.
  • Because of any significant change in the electrical loading of the installation.
  • It is also recommended to consult electrical testing and inspection specialists or electrical contractors where there is a reason to believe that damage may have been caused to the electrical installation.

Periodic Inspections

Testing & Inspection related legislation requires that certain electrical installations are maintained in a safe condition (explore our maintenance contract service) and therefore must be periodically inspected and tested.

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Maintenance Records

Here is a tip from Instalec’s Luton electrician: in the case of an electrical installation under effective supervision in normal use, periodic electrical inspection and testing may be replaced by an adequate regime of continuous monitoring and maintenance of the installation and all its constituent equipment by a skilled electrician. At all times, appropriate maintenance records must be kept.

Instalec’s electricians in Luton are fully conversant with the requirements of the IEE Wiring Regulations (BS7671) and are fully qualified and experienced to test all types of industrial, commercial and domestic electrical installations.

Test Results

As a standard electrical service to our customers, test results and relevant information for the tested electrical installations are processed and recorded onto PIR forms as prescribed in BS 7671 Guidance Note 3. copies are retained in a hard copy by our electrical contractors and on our data base, should there be a necessity to trace details of any installation in the future.

For your convenience, at Instalec test results are processed rapidly and customers informed without delay should any dangerous faults or deviations from the Regulations be detected. Instalec will happily provide you with a quotation for any remedial repair works afterwards, to leave your premises in a top condition following the testing.

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