Power Systems Analysis Is Your Key To Efficiency

The Benefits

The use of power analysis equipment on single or three phase power supply systems can be extremely useful for recording a variety of values on any installation. Some of the benefits and uses of our power analysis and data logging equipment are as follows:

  • Power systems analysis records details of total consumption of kWh, along with a profile of usage by hour/day/week/month etc. Information is stored for download to PC, graphing presentations, etc.
  • The analysis of power calculation measures all aspects of power consumption: this is particularly useful for general electrical maintenance work where true power consumption measurement is often required for efficient operation.
  • Power systems analysis can prevent poor power quality, which can cause damage to your sensitive equipment and appliances: it could lead to blown fuses, overheating cables and burn out or damaged monitoring equipment.
  • Efficient power analysis can pin-point these annoying minor disturbances and interruptions that your supply can be suffering from: sags, surges and transient conditions.

Innovative Downloading Software

Instalec’s innovative downloading software enables us to detect voltage anomalies or power breaks: it is even possible to draw statistical graphs or period graphs and to view and export the corresponding data tables to various program formats such as Microsoft Excel for easy storage and future use.

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