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Selection of the appropriate light installation, not only for the aesthetic appeal but also for performance and care, is very important. Electrical service providers at Instalec will make sure that planning a scheme is paramount so that luminaries are concealed where possible or harmonised with the fabric of the building.

Further considerations for our electricians in Luton are the efficiency of the lamps and fittings, switching and control systems which, if installed correctly, can have dramatic effects. These may be used to change the emphasis of various tasks performed in the space and the intensity of light may be adjusted to suit the purpose of the premises, be it your home, a public venue, a school or any other workplace – we have experience in all types of electrical servicing.

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We at Instalec are also the specialists of outdoor lighting design and installation, with over 20 years of experience. External floodlighting in particular requires detailed planning and experienced electricians and engineers to carry out installations. As with interior lighting, positioning and concealing light fittings is as important as ensuring the lit objects benefit from added security to scare off vandals.

Instalec’s special lighting design and installation for Places of Worship:

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Church Lighting Design

When it comes to church lighting design, each of our Places of Worship are unique, many are centuries old, requiring special care and attention to enhance their appearance. The design and lighting of Churches and Places of Worship consist not only of satisfying the requirements for best visibility but also in achieving emphasis and modeling – the all essential criteria for truly stunning lighting installation. Our skilled electricians know that lighting should draw attention to the Altar and illuminate the Pulpit, Sanctuary, Preaching Area and Lectern. Architectural features should be enhanced where possible without distraction of the general illumination and visible lighting equipment should be designed to harmonise with the interior both by day and by night. Specialist wiring systems should be adopted and all recommendations listed within Church House Publishing booklet “The Lighting and Wiring of Churches”, should be strictly adhered to.

30 Years Experience

1A Instalec Ltd have been involved in the installation and design of many such projects to a number of churches – you can see our portfolio here. We have over 30 years of experience of working on Church lighting installation and are well familiar with the relevant requirements for this specific type of work, the procedures, authorisations and approvals required and our electrical contractors in Luton are sympathetic to the environment and users of Church buildings.

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