Electrical Emergency Service: Instalec On Your Speed Dial Anywhere, Anytime

Caution and Speed

Caution and speed are always our primary considerations in response to any electrical emergency. At the same time, careful and effective response is essential to minimise the damage to affected operations and premises. After all, electrical system failure can mean large revenue losses or simply work not being done.

Act Fast and Safely

Our electrical contractors will also be happy to work over weekends or out of normal working hours to complete urgent tasks. If you wish, our Luton electricians will be happy to talk to your staff about electrical safety: this means your employees will understand electrical hazards and know how to act fast and safely in an electrical emergency.

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What Does Usually Go Wrong?

  • If you have only lost part of your supply in the building, there is probably something wrong with your wiring.
  • If the whole building is affected, check your trip switch. If your trip switch is in the off position, switch it back on. If it switches off again, one of your electrical appliances may be faulty.
  • If you discover that the problem is greater, Instalec’s additional manpower is available at all times and our electrical emergency service team will work around the clock to get our customers operating again.

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Instalec’s every emergency electrician understands the importance of keeping our clients’ systems and production up and running as quickly as possible. We prioritize the urgency of the situation and at the same time we focus on safety of everyone involved in the operation.

Make sure you know how to reach Instalec’s emergency services or call now to discuss how to prepare for the uncertainty of life!

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