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Information Technology

Small office installations, schools, colleges, factories and commerce in general rely completely on computer network communications. Information technology has become a part of our everyday life and the integration of telephone systems with data on local area networks is becoming increasingly commonplace in many new and existing enterprises – and this is where the data cabling companies come in to help.

Communications Infrastructure

Wiring systems used extensively for all structured wiring installations have become an extension of our work within the above listed environments. This puts a premium on communications infrastructure. If it’s not properly installed, your investment in servers, PCs and software is wasted and your organisation suffers. The life expectancy of your cabling infrastructure is far greater than any hardware connected to it, so a network that is well designed and properly installed, is the only way to protect your investment in communications.

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Data Infrastructure

Data infrastructure is an investment, and as such, it is important that it is future-proof. Instalec’s electrical contractors care that your data cabling electrical installation is able to expand with your needs and also able to keep pace with the rapid changes in technology. It is vital that any design takes full account of your electrical services expectations with full knowledge of what is available in electrical installation today… and what is coming tomorrow!

Latest Technology

Instalec will be keen to advise you on the latest technologies available and ensure that the solution is right for your business not only today, but into the future too. That simply means fast, reliable scalable network with capacity for growth – all delivered to you with the highest standard of service by our Luton electricians. As an added and trusted bonus, Instalec’s electrical contractors will look, wherever possible, for opportunities to integrate voice and data traffic to reduce your overall cost and improve network efficiency – all part of our strong commitment to the best value for money electrical services.

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